4.4. Templates

4.4.1. Adding New Templates

Adding a new template to the system is fairly simple. You would first access the Template Admin Interface by following the instructions in the section above. You should be presented with a screen that ask's for the object type to view templates for. Select the object type and click the 'View Templates' button. Once the listing comes up click the 'Add Template' link at the top-right of the screen to add a new template. Fill out the name and description of the template and click the add template button. Thats it!!! Well.. not quite. For your template to really be of any use you need to add fields to it.

4.4.2. Editing Templates

To edit a template click the link labeled 'Edit' next to the template name. Once in the edit form you can change values to meet your needs. You can also set the ordering of the fields within your template from this screen. To do this click the field name in the select box next to the 'Field Ordering' item and then use the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons to get the field where you want it to be. When your done click the 'Update Template' button to save your changes.

4.4.3. Deleting Templates

Templates can easily be deleting by just clicking the 'Delete' link to the right of their name. In order to delete a template you must make sure no objects are currently using that template. If the template is currently in use by any object the program will give you an error and refuse to delete the template.