Chapter 4. Template System

NorthStar makes extensive use of a template system that allows you to specify different template and field sets for different objects. Uses for this include being able to create different templates for Owner object additions. These templates can break owners into different account types (Frame Customer, DSL Customer, etc...) and then specify specific fields for each template.

To access the admin interface for the template system click on the 'Manage Templates' link on the leftmost frame of your NorthStar screen. To be able to access this interface the user must have all the Template, Field, and Regex permissions set in their user profile. For more information on setting permissions refer to the 'Editing a User's Information' section of this guide.

4.1. Default Templates

Each object type in NorthStar has a default template associated with it. These templates are used as the default for objects if no template is specified or selected by the user. Default templates can be accessed just like any other template except they cannot be deleted. Fields from the default templates, however, can be added or removed as long as the fields are not in use by ANY objects (basically... once you add a field and add an object that has a value assigned to that field you can't delete it until you go back and remove all values).