4.3. Fields

4.3.1. Adding Fields

Fields are added to templates by clicking the 'Add Field' link that is to the right of the template that you would like to add the field to. When presented with the add field form you need to fill out all the form items in the form. Most fields are self-explanatory except for the Regex, Field Type, and Update Mode items. The Regex field selects the regular expression to be used to validate the input of this field (the Regex Admin is discussed in the next section).

The Field Type and Update Mode selections tell the script how to present and handle modifications to the data in a field. The Field Type option controls what type of input box will be presented to the user when they try to add or edit that particular field. The TEXT selection is a normal text box, the PASSWORD selection is a password text box, and the TEXTAREA selection is a multi-column edit box. The two different Update Modes are OVERWRITE and APPEND. The OVERWRITE selection will overwrite the current value for the field when it is changed. The APPEND selection will append the new data onto what was already there.

Once you have finished entering the parameters for the field, click the 'Add Field' button to add it. When the template listing comes up you can now click the folder next to your template name to expand the view and see the fields that are currently assigned to the template. To set the order of the fields in your template refer to the 'Editing Templates' section below.

4.3.2. Editing Fields

Editing a fields options can easily be done click clickin the 'Edit' link to the right of the field name. The form is the same as the one used to add new fields and has the current values filled in when it loads. Once you are done making your changes just click the 'Update Field' utton and your settings will be saved.

4.3.3. Deleting Fields

Deleting fields from a template is currently best to do before anyone has actually added any objects that are using that template/field. To delete a field click the 'Delete' link to the right of it's name and on the confirmation screen click 'Continue' if you really want to delete it. Please note that fields can only be deleted if there are currently NO objects using that field.