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some questions

                Hi list,
    since 3 days I am using NorthStar (1.6)... very good stuff.
    I have some questions (bug reports???) though.
    1. I have a top network defined with a subnetworks on it. When I click "View" on the top-network field, it gives me this error
        in the screen below:

The following error has occured during your request.

  • The requested network was not found

Please contact the site administrator for more details.

    I receive this error only when I try to "View", "Edit" is OK.
    I also do NOT receive this error when clicking "View" on any other subnetwork, only the TOP one.
    Why is this?
2. I tried the patch of Adam, but when issuing patch -p1 ... (applying the patch), it just waits forever.
    After breaking it with ctrl-c... no changes.
3. The CVS don't work. I am sitting stuck after hitting <Enter> for password.
    I am using 1.6
    mysql 3.23.36
    Apache 2.0.39