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Re: Hello and a question.

On Tuesday 24 September 2002 16:27, Randy Matz wrote:
> Im new to northstar and the list.  I attempted to use the search, but i
> couldnt find anyone with the same problem i am haveing.
> The system that im on is solaris 8, with postgresql
> I have created a few users, when multiple users attempt to log in, either
> by seperate or same user names.  I get this error :
> sessioncreate_addsess: ERROR: Cannot insert a duplicate key into unique
> index sessions_pkey

Hmm, this is odd.  Can you try this SQL to clear the session table?
"DELETE FROM sessions'

> ie: only one user can be logged in at any time.  And if someone closes
> without logging out it locks out the program.
> I cant figure out where i made a mistake, any advice would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks everyone for their time.
> Randy Matz

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