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RE: Hello and a question.

To make sure i am doing this correctly.
Im new to postgres so i ran:
psql northstar
DELETE FROM sessions

I ran this before anyone logged in, then logged in the first user.  Then
attempted to log in the second user. Still got the same error
With the first user logged in, i ran DELETE FROM sessions again, and then
attempted to log in with the second user
Still receiving the same error

This is under postgres 7.1.3
Is there any information i can grab, a log file to get more error info from
Thank you for your help
Randy Matz

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Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 7:18 PM
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Subject: Re: Hello and a question.

On Tuesday 24 September 2002 16:27, Randy Matz wrote:
> Im new to northstar and the list.  I attempted to use the search, but i
> couldnt find anyone with the same problem i am haveing.
> The system that im on is solaris 8, with postgresql
> I have created a few users, when multiple users attempt to log in, either
> by seperate or same user names.  I get this error :
> sessioncreate_addsess: ERROR: Cannot insert a duplicate key into unique
> index sessions_pkey

Hmm, this is odd.  Can you try this SQL to clear the session table?
"DELETE FROM sessions'

> ie: only one user can be logged in at any time.  And if someone closes
> without logging out it locks out the program.
> I cant figure out where i made a mistake, any advice would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks everyone for their time.
> Randy Matz

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