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Re: db_connect: expected authentication request from server

On Wednesday 18 September 2002 10:13, you wrote:

> > db_connect: expected authentication request from server, but received B
> Hmm.. looks like your using the wrong DBD driver.. i think...
> > Connecting to the mysql manually with mysql -p --user=northstar northstar
> > works fine. (I get promptet for password)
> Check the DatabaseDriver variable in the NorthStar.conf file and make sure
> it is set to "mysql" (that is case-sensitive).  If that doesn't work can
> you send NorthStar.conf file to the list?  (please remove passwords ;-) )
> > .: Kristian Tjessem

You were absolutely right. I should take off my sunglasses before doing 

Thank you for the quick return :-)

.: Kristian Tjessem