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Updates on Everything

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Hello everyone, sorry for my recent absence from the list and the lack of 
updates on the pages.  As you probably all know I have been quite busy with 
work, school, and other things over the summer.  

Luckily I am moved into a new place and things are settling down again so I 
will be getting back to the regular pace of things shortly.  I have been 
working on quite a few things and v1.7 is hopefully going to be ready to go 
by next week.  Unfortunately my DSL service (which was supposed to be 
installed today but Southwestern Bell somehow mysteriously 'lost' my order) 
is being pushed back, so Bugzilla, CVS, and the demo are offline until I can 
get a permanent connection going again.

If anybody has information about a 802.11 network in Dallas, TX near 75 and 
Coit and would like to loan me a card that will work in Linux I can get these 
things back up soon, otherwise looks like they will be down for at least 
another 10 days.  If I can't find anything before the weekend I will try and 
get at least CVS running from a box at work.

Thanks for being patient everyone

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