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Re: Questions and problems


    I have been running NS for a few months now with no problems at
all....However, I use Mysql.

    My first question would be, which version of NorthStar did you download?
Version 1.65 is very much a development release, and many of the bugs found
there-in are fixed in CVS.

    Documentation is still being worked on for the 1.7 release, as there was
a major architecture change between 1.6 and 1.65.

    Development is being done, I promise you, unfortuantly Hitesh has been
quite busy with his paying job and so has stalled a little bit recently. I
am finding and trying to fix bugs as well, but I have been busy with my job
as well. We're trying to get 1.7 out the door as soon as possible! :)

    If you want to post some more details of your installation, I can try to
dupicate the issue here and see about a fix.

    Also, if you want to subnet a bug report, goto


Adam "Tauvix" Debus
Linux Certified Professional, Linux Certified Administrator
Network Administrator, ReachONE Internet
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Sent: Monday, August 12, 2002 11:41 AM
Subject: Questions and problems

> I have recently downloaded and installed NorthStar.  Thus far I have
> managed to get it working after a fashion but have encountered a variety
> of problems.  I am writing to get a sense of how many users are actually
> using this software and it's reliability and level of community support.
> The documentation appears to be somewhat out of step with the
> application as the download did not appear to match the installation
> instructions accurately though close enough that I was able to get it
> running.
> Currently I am unable to add network addresses to the system.  My
> examination of the NorthStar.postgresql.sql file suggest that there is a
> mismatch in the number of arguments expected and the number of arguments
> supplied in the line that initializes the networks table.  The symptom
> of this was a false error for a pg_atoi conversion error on one of the
> timestamp variables when I manually executed the initialization line
> from within psql.
> Furthermore, the author may have changed the type for the network
> variable from CIDR to a Numeric(40,0) type recently, yet the default
> initialization entry for the network table, is in CIDR format and
> presents as "ERROR:  Bad numeric input format ''" when the
> initialization sql is presented via psql.
> I am concerned that further efforts to get this software running may
> lead to further revelations and ultimately prove to be a significant
> obstacle to useful use of the software.
> My application also requires significant additional information be
> tracked.  I have attempted to use the software to add templates and
> define additional fields.  The documentation indicates that I should be
> able to edit these field definitions, (they are not yet populated with
> any data) but the documented edit buttons appear to be missing.    I am
> curious as to if anyone has modified the system through the addition of
> additional tables to the database.  It is not entirely clear to me yet
> if I can actually sufficiently extend the software to fulfill my needs
> using the mechanisms available.
> I am praying and hoping for a speedy response to my questions and
> perhaps an opportunity to dialog with anyone regarding thier experience
> with the NorthStar software.
> Thanks in advance,
> Gayland Gump
> ggump@pacifier.net
> gumpg@pacifier.com