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Device question

I just found and installed Northstar today.  WOW!

I'm loving it so far.

One thing I love is the ability to tie IP's to devices, and devices to 
locations, and devices to Owners (Customers).

However, I can't do it backwards!

If my Core is at	"A"
			"B" is a WAN node fed from "A"
			"C" is local ethernet segment on "B"

I can add a /30 to "A", but there is no way to make that same /30 appear 
attached to "B".

I see the same thing happening to /32's or even /24's- I want to allocate 
to devices on the network, but also reflect that they are "hanging" off a 
particular Device. (Like "C")

Now that I've probably confused people, does this make sense?  Since I 
can't allocate the same space to 2 places/devices at once, is there a 
way/planned way around this?  Basically I want to be able to go upstream, 
as well as downstream.  Can we add an optional 2nd device allocation to an 
address space?

Also, we've found that Northstar isn't very Lynx friend, so I may have to 
convince my Chief Network Geek that this is a good product :)