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Re: installing error

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On Monday 06 May 2002 03:30 am, Giaretta Gerardo wrote:
> Hi list!
> Sorry if this is a newbie question and if I made some mistakes in
> installation procedure.
> I have some problems loading NorthStar.cgi.
> My configuration:
> CGI.pm version 2.46 (I suppose Northstar supports till 2.7x)
> NorthStar 1.6
> p5-DBI-1.21
> p5-DBD-Pg-1.01
> PostgreSQL 7.2
> Apache 2.0.35
> When loading NorthStar.cgi this error appears:
> Error message: 
> Premature end of script headers:
> /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/NorthStar/NorthStar.cgi 

Hmm.. is that the only line it shows?  try doing a

'perl /path/to/NorthStar.cgi' 

and see if that outputs an error also.  If it does post it here, if not then 
the program is running fine but your web server doesn't like it for some 
reason.  If you can I would recommend upgrading to at least version 2.71 of 

> I had the same error with Robobijal (I suppose you know it...btw I'm
> trying to test FreeIPdb, Robobijal and NorthStar for a research
> project...if you're interested  in it I'll post some considerations to
> this list when everything will be done);  with Robobijal it was an
> Apache server error (i.e. a misconfiguration).

Comments are always encouraged.. glad to know NorthStar is part of a research 
project.. maybe some of those big universities will actually start tracking 
some of their IP space and not replying with "... well, the DOS is coming 
from one of our labs... we just don't know which one yet.." ;-)

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