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error loading NorthStar.cgi

Hi list!
I'm trying to install NorthStar 1.6, but I have a problem. Sorry if this
is a newbie question or if the problem is generated by my
My configuration is FreeBSD 4.3; Apache 2.0.35; NorthStar 1.6;
PostgreSQL 7.2.
This is NorthStar.conf:
# Global configuration.  This section sets the global configuration
        # AdminEmail - The email address of the person resposible for
        # installation of NorthStar
        AdminEmail      gerardo.giaretta@tilab.com
        # ScriptURL - This is the URL to be used to access the NorthStar
        # program
        # InstallDir - The directory that NorthStar was installed in
        InstallDir      /usr/NorthStar
        # TemplateURL - The relative URL used to access templates from
        # browser
        TemplateURL     /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/NorthStar/html
        # ShowAllMaskLens - This option is a small aesthetic option to
        # enable showing all CIDR mask lengths in dropdowns (normally
        # the /31 length is not shown because it is totally unusable).
        # If you would like to see the /31 entry uncomment this line
        #ShowAllMaskLens        1
# Database configuration.  This section sets the values for accessing
# database used for NorthStar
        # DatabaseDriver - DBI Database Driver.  Change this
        # to the DBI driver that you would like to use.  Some
        # common ones are:
        #       Postgres:       Pg
        #       MySQL:          mysql
        #       Oracle:         Oracle
        DatabaseDriver  Pg
        # DatabaseHost - The hostname of your database server
        DatabaseHost    localhost
        # DatabasePort - The port that is running your database
        # Here are some common values:
        #       Postgres:       5432
        #       MySQL:          3306
        #       Oracle:         1526 OR 1521
        DatabasePort    5432
        # DatabaseName - The name of the database used to store
        # information.  This will usually be set to 'northstar'
        DatabaseName    northstar
        # DatabaseUser - The username used to access the database
        DatabaseUser    northstar
        # DatabasePass - The password used to access the database
        DatabasePass   password


I configured Apache web Server with SymLinks.
Also I fixed the bug posted by Stephan Winter in NorthStar.postgres.sql
The problem is:
when I try to load NorthStar.cgi I receive a server error message from
Apache. Logs are:
[Wed Apr 24 15:47:59 2002] [error] [client] Premature end
of script headers: /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/NorthStar/NorthStar.cgi
[Wed Apr 24 15:47:59 2002] [error] [client] Undefined
subroutine CGI::Vars

Any hint?
Thank you in advance