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Re: CVS Access down?

Currently things are on hold because Hitesh's internet access has been down
for a bit (Thanks bell south!). Since the CVS/Bugzilla server is hosted out
of his apartment...

Hopefully things will be getting back to normal (abmornal?) again soon.


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Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 10:11 AM
Subject: CVS Access down?

> We are chomping at the bit to try Northstar with rwhois support-
> unfortunately, CVS access doesn't appear to be working currently.
> I'd love to be able to try the CVS version (pre 1.7?) as we have been
> using 1.6 happily for quite awhile.
> Also- any indication as to when 1.7 might be officially released?
> Thanks in advance.
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