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Re: Import Excel Spreadsheet

We don't have a feature like that just yet. We might in the future but the
biggest problem I can see with this is not so much parsing the excel
spreadsheet (although importing a CSV would be easier), it would be the fact
that everyone uses different data and data formatting in their spreadsheets.
By the time you finish converting your spreadsheet(s) over to The Format you
may as well have just put the info into NS by hand.

Not only that but you will still have to go through your imported data and
add owner info (and add them to subnets and addresses), delete individual
addresses so you can add subnets and then readd the individual addresses,
add locations (add add them to subnets and addresses). I suppose we can make
an import utility for this info too, but you still end up with having to
associate all of it with everything else...again, prolly just as much work
as just entering the info.

As a person who needed to convert 3 /19s worth of data recently, I can say
it only took me about 2 days to do so. And maintiance, once it's in, is no

Again, that's not saying that we won't have such a thing in the future, just
bringing up some of the potential problems with it ;)


Adam "Tauvix" Debus
Linux Certified Professional, Linux Certified Administrator
Network Administrator, ReachONE Internet

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> can anyone tell me if it is possible import device names & IP address from
> an excel spreadsheet in to NorthStar 1.6
> Thanks
> JT