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Search Function

I must be missing something working through the demo.  The demo has allocated to the owner "Test Owner", as well as a sub-entry
for  I tried to test finding open/unused netblocks,
specifically hoping to find  The search failed using both
/29 and as entries in the network field.

So, I used the allocation wizard.  However, this finds just the first
available block of all the demo blocks.  When I filter based on "Test
Owner", it skips to the block.

I would like the search function to be able to list all available blocks
based on netmask, filtered possible by network block. Is this possible?

On another issue, I've noticed that the wizard allows allocations of (for example).  Could we get an option to only allow
allocations/assignments of routable netblocks?

 (apologies if these are already on an implementation list)


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