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RE: Postal Codes & rwhois

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> From: Hitesh Patel [mailto:hitesh@presys.com]
> Sent: March 7, 2002 11:38 AM
> To: Rob Mitzel; northstar-general@brownkid.net
> Subject: Re: Postal Codes & rwhois
> Well... this is easy to do.. all you need to do is go into the
> regex admin
> and add a new regular expression that will accept the format you
> need to put
> in.  Then go into the template admin, select your object type
> (i'm assuming
> Owner) and expand the template (assuming the Default Template).
> Click the
> 'Edit' link next to the 'Zip/Postal Code' field and change the
> regex type to
> the one you created above.

I found this out right after I sent in the email. :)  Thanks.

> If you need help making the regex, send me the format of the
> postal code's in
> Canada and I will work one up for you and include it in the next
> release so
> it available for anyone to use.

Okay, the canadian postal codes are always as follows (X = character, 1 =

X1X 1X1

> >
> > Second...anyone actually using an rwhois server with NorthStar?
>  That's one
> > of the main reasons I'm setting this up...pretty sure the rwhois server
> > addon on the main website is for the Postgres version, so I'd
> probably need
> > to recode rwhois to use MySQL.  Anyone have thoughts?
> >
> The whois server on the page is actually based on v1.1.  As far as I know
> there is not anyone currently using it, however, I will be writing a Perl
> version that will become an official part of the distribution.
> This version
> will work on both Postgres and MySQL.

That would be absolutely AWESOME.  I need to figure out a way to do this
soon, so any help you need on this, I'll give it a shot. :)  I need to do a
standard rwhois server (i.e. on port 4321 or whatever).