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Re: Unable to Install DBD

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On Thursday 13 December 2001 12:03 pm, Allen wrote:
> Hi-
> I'm using NorthStar version 1.2 and have everything installed except for
> DBD-Pg-1.01. I need to set the $POSTGRES_INCLUDE  and $POSTGRES_LIB
> variables in Makefile.PL, but don't know how. I've checked the
> documentation on CPAN, but can't find any hints -probably because it's
> something everyone should know, except me....
> Please help.
> Thanks,
> Allen.

The POSTGRES_INCLUDE and POSTGRES_LIB variables are used to show where the 
header and shared library files are for your Postgres installation.  These 
are needed by the module because it is written in C and uses the libpq 
interface (if I remember right).

If you have Postgres installed locally on the same server you are trying to 
install NorthStar on you can set the variables to the lib and include 
directories under your postgres installation directory.  For example, if 
Postgres is installed in /usr/postgres execute these commands to set the 
right variables:

 export POSTGRES_INCLUDE=/usr/postgres/include
 export POSTGRES_LIB=/usr/postgres/lib

If you do not have Postgres installed on the same server you are trying to 
install NorthStar one you have a few options.

1. Download and build Postgres but don't actually run the postgres daemon.. 
just use the shared libs so you can compile the DBD module.

2. Goto your Postgres server and as long as the OS is the same tar up the 
include and lib directories and throw them on your NorthStar server somewhere

3.  If your using Redhat Linux I believe there is are some RPM's with just 
the libs and header files you need.  They are called postgresql-libs and 
postgresql-devel.  A search at rpmfind.net turns up results for lots of Linux 
based OS's.

After doing any of the above you still need to set the POSTGRES_INCLUDE and 
POSTGRES_LIB variables.  These will change depending on the option you choose 
from above,

Hope this helps...

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