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Reporting Module - Part 1

Hi Everyone!

    As was discussed over the past few days, here is my general outlines for
a reporting module.

    First off, this would include a new permissions bit, #127. Only those
who had this bit "flipped" would be able to generate reports.

    Here's a list of reports that I know are going to be useful to my
company. If anyone has any other suggestions of reports they'd like to see,
just reply back to the list :)

    1) Usage Statistics - I want to break this down every which way from
Sunday. Here's what I have thought so far...if you want to see more, let me
know. All of these reports I want to be able to run on the network as a
whole, and indivudial Parent Objects. Probably only first level parents to
start, although expansion into all parents is a possibility.

        - Percent used baised off of subnets.
        - Percent used baised off of /32 allocations.
        - How many subnets don't have /32s assigned under them (possibily
expressed as a percentage or a ratio)?
        - Allocations per month?

    2) Subnet Statistics

        - How many have been created?
        - What is the breakdown by size?
        - What is the largest single subnet available?
        - Assigned Vs. Allocated ratio.

    3) Owner stats:

        - Which owners hold the most Subnet/IPs? (Probably with a Top 10,
25, 50, 100, and User Defined numbers)

    4) User stats:

        - Which users make the most changes?

    Now, initailly these are going to be reports in HTML, but eventually I
want to have it create in PDF format or some other easially exportable, and
more importantly, printable format. I favour PDF because every operating
system can read it. Also graph generation for things like number of
allocations in a month, or a month-to-month chart of  % utilization. I'd
certianly be interested in trends. Which means we are probably looking at a
month report autogenerator as well as on demand report generation. Also a
new database table to store the monthly reports.

    Those are my ideas so far. I know it isn't terribly much, but at least
it's a beginning. Of course, it's going to take time to create, and not all
of it is going to be done at once. I'm probably going to start with the
usage statistics and work from there.


Adam "Tauvix" Debus
Network Administrator, ReachONE Internet