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Re: Reporting Module - Part 1

On Fri, 17 May 2002, Adam  "Tauvix" Debus wrote:

>     Now, initailly these are going to be reports in HTML, but eventually I
> want to have it create in PDF format or some other easially exportable, and
> more importantly, printable format. I favour PDF because every operating
> system can read it. Also graph generation for things like number of
> allocations in a month, or a month-to-month chart of  % utilization. I'd
> certianly be interested in trends. Which means we are probably looking at a
> month report autogenerator as well as on demand report generation. Also a
> new database table to store the monthly reports.

Hi all,

It's late and all, but I have to pick you up on this. More systems can
read HTML than PDF. That said, it's fairly simple to create PDF directly
from HTML but that doesn't help the usual crappy page layout that happens
because paragraphs don't always wrap nicely onto the next page, etc, but I
believe that a program called html2pdf exists. Should be easy to


Simon White
Internet Services Manager
MTDS Morocco