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Additional Things about the Patch

Hi folks,

    Just a few additional things about the patch, for you developers out
there. There now exists 5 new tags that are passed to all HTML pages:

    1: <!--pcolor-->    -    This is the color specified as PColor in the
configuration file.
    2: <!--scolor-->    -    This is the color specified as SColor in the
configuration file.
    3: <!--tableback-->    -    This is not a new tag, but the behavour has
been modified. It will alternate between TPColor and TSColor. Only for use
in Tree pages.
    4: <!--fontcolor-->    -    This is the alternate of <!--tableback-->.
It will be either TPColor or TSColor, whichever <!--tableback--> is not.
Only for use in Tree pages.
    5: <!--logoloc-->    -    The URL of the logo, as specified in the
configuration file as Logo.

    Please keep these tags in mind when writing your custom modules. As all
of this is generated in either API_TreeDumpTable or API_OutputPage, any
attributes you pass through %pitems with the above names WILL get overwriten
when it goes to output to the user.

    Hitesh: Perhaps in addition to maintaining a registry of permissions
bits, we should also maintain a registry of tags like the above. That way
people aren't writing modules that step on someone else's toes? If you want,
I can look into writing something up in PHP and MySQL that keeps track of
that sort of thing...


Adam "Tauvix" Debus
Network Administrator, ReachONE Internet