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NorthStar v1.7 Update

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Hello everyone, 

Thought I would take some time and give everyone an update on things.  
Unfortunately, the last couple of weeks have been very busy for me with many 
security problems coming out (Apache, OpenSSH, etc...) and general busyness 
from everywhere.

Version 1.7 is looking fairly good and I have the next 4 days dedicated to 
getting things wrapped up and 1.7 out of the door early next week.  There are 
some late breaking issues such as mod_perl compatibility and Windows support 
that I would like to get into this release, because 1.8 will probably be a 
few months down the road.  Also I would like to get the rwhois output done, 
get the API docs, and regular user docs updated and ready to go, make some 
changes to the allocation wizard to allow the user to select which particular 
block out of the list they want to add, and last but not least make searching 
a bit more intelligent.

As far as bugs go, there are no blockers that I can find and most all bugs 
have been, or are ready to be closed out.  If you have any bugs that need to 
be fixed get them in Bugzilla so that they can be worked on.  

Also, here is a beginning feature list for 1.8:

Combined Views - This adds the ability to select different objects to show  
that relate to another object in the tree views.  Basically, in the owners 
tree view you can select to also view networks/devices/etc.. that will be 
combined with the owner.

User Preferences (API) - A framework for modules to register, set, and update 
specific preference items for a user

Priviledge Seperation - Allow different users to only modify/add/view 
different parts of objects.  For example, allow user1 to only add devices 
under his/her owner object and networks under, while allowing 
user2 full access to everything.

Import Abilities - This module was being worked on I think, but I believe 
collaborative work on it would be good in order to get some real import 
abilities into 1.8

Speed - Try and do some perl tricks (like CGI.pm does) to speed up load time

Delete Block Range - The ability to delete a block range.  This would allow a 
range to be entered along with a mask and allow all matching blocks in that 
range (and optionally, with a smaller mask) to be deleted.

That should get things on a role.. if you have other feature requests please 
add them to bug #14.

Thats all for now, thanks for your time.

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