2.3. If You Are Upgrading

If you are upgrading from a previous release of NorthStar you need to make sure that your database schema is in the correct format for the current version. Database update scripts are supplied with every new release of NorthStar to automatically update your database from the previous version (basically if your upgrading to v1.6 the update script included with v1.6 will update a database that was running v1.5). Because of this, if you have missed a revision you need to get the revisions in between and run those update scripts first.

The update scripts will either come in the form of a raw SQL command file tailored to your particular database system, or a Perl script that will handle more complex updates and automatically detects your database system. If you have any problems running the update scripts please send us a bug report with the output included.

Specific instructions for running the update scripts are included in the "Post-Installation Setup" section.