1.4. Bug Reporting Guidelines

If you find a bug in NorthStar we want to hear about it. Your bug reports are essential because even though NorthStar is written with the utmost care we cannot guarantee that every part of NorthStar will work in every circumstance on every platform with every database system in the world.

The following suggestions are intended to assist you in submitting bug reports that can be handled in the most efficient fashion. No one is required to follow them but it tends to be to everyone's advantage.

We cannot promise to fix every bug right away, however, if the bug is obvious, affects a lot of users, or is of a very critical nature the chances are good that someone will look into it. You may also be asked to update to a newer version of NorthStar to see if the bug still exists, or we could decide that the bug is simply too hard to fix and there are more important things on the agenda. If you need help immediately, please consider obtaining a commercial support contract.

1.4.1. Identifying Bugs

Before you report a bug to us, please check the documentation to make sure that you can really do whatever it is you are trying. If it is not clear in the documentation whether you can do something or not, please report that too; it is a bug in the documentation. If NorthStar does something different from what the documentation says, it is a bug. This may include things like:

1.4.2. Information to Report

One of the most important things to remember about reporting bugs is to state all the facts and only the facts. Remember that even though something may look insignificant to you, it could be the key to solving the problem or helping to do so when a person familiar with the implementation see's it. Most of the time reporting the facts requires nothing more then a cut and paste from the screen, but often important details are left out or are thought to be assumed.

The following items should be contained in every bug report:

1.4.3. Where to Report Bugs

Bug should be reported to the development mailing list. To send a message to this list you do not need to subscribe to it. Just send your bug report to northstar-devel@brownkid.net