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Re: NorthStar v1.7 Update

Sign me up for beta testing and documentation.


Hitesh Patel wrote:

Ok folks.. I've decided to come back from the dead and give everyone an update on 1.7 (now code named Project Slow-as-molasses).

Here is a list of things todo before 1.7 can be released. Items marked with my initials (BK) are being worked on by me.. everything else is open for someone to pickup.

The outstanding issues for 1.7 are:

Item Assigned To
Finish RWhois Server Query BK
API Docs
General Docs Update/Cleanup
Bug Testing
Better Searching
Allow user to select a block in the BK
Alloc Wizard
Install Script BK

I've decided to leave Windows and mod_perl support out of this release. Both features need too much testing once changes are made and I don't want to delay 1.7 any longer.

If anyone can help please email the list and CC me... the most time-consuming things are the Docs and I could really use some help on those. One thing that I will not do is release a version that I believe has insuffiecient documentation!!

Thanks for your patience