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Editable colors and logo

Hello everyone!

I've attached a patch that will allow you to customize the UI of your
NorthStar installation with a custom colour scheme and a new logo. This
patch is 100% backwords compatable, you don't HAVE to use any of the new
configuration commands, for it will default to the NorthStar defaults if
they aren't there.

I've tested this out on my companies live version, and it IS working.

Installation instructions are below, and if you come across any bugs, just
go ahead and either e-mail them to me personally at northstar@delsol.net or
to the northstar-devel list.

To install cd into the NorthStar directory and run:

patch -p1 < /path/to/file

This patch will edit nearly every HTML file and a few of the modules.

Make sure you run a make install and copy the edited HTML files over to the
correct spot.

This introduces 5 new commands to the Global section of the configuration

PColor    -  The new primary color, backgrounds. Defaults to Yellow if not
SColor    -  The new secondary color, text. Defaults to Black if not
TPColor   -  The new primary color for the Trees. Defaults to Yellow if not
TSColor   -  The new secondary color for the Trees. Defaults to White if not
Logo      -  This is a URL to an image file, to be the new logo. This needs
to be an absolute URL, including http://. This defaults to the default
NorthStar Logo if not present.


Adam "Tauvix" Debus
Network Administrator, ReachONE Internet

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