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NorthStar v1.6 Released

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let everyone know that NorthStar v1.6 has 
been released.  This release has some major updates but the biggest change is 
that the code has been converted to Visual Basic as the programming language 
and uses a Access database to store data.  This decision was made because 
Visual Basic offers features that Perl does not support.  The Microsoft rep 
that I have been in touch with has assured me that their new UNIX
compatibility libraries will be available in the next two days so thate 
veryone will not have to change to a Microsoft OS to run NorthStar.

Futhermore, I would like to say that I encourage everyone to use either 
Windows 98 with the Personal Web Server, Windows NT 4.0 with IIS, or Windows 
2000 to run their NorthStar installation.  These operating systems have 
proven their reliability over the years and I believe that storing your 
critical network data should only be trusted to one of the above operating 

Future enhancements for NorthStar include ActiveX controls for handling the 
user interface, the removal of any old UNIX code (UNIX is old and 
antiquated), and conversion of the User Authentication mechanisms to Active 

For more information and the .CAB files please visit the web page.

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