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Postal Codes & rwhois

Hey everyone,

I'm just in the process of setting up NorthStar for the company that I work
for...just installed 1.5 with MySQL, and wanted to say first....Hitesh,
awesome work.  I've been watching this software for a while now, and it's
really coming together!

Now, a couple of questions for everyone.

First, is there a way to soft-hack the software to allow for non-US postal
codes?  (i.e. Canadian ones...since our company is mostly canadian).  I
could probably go in and hack it out right in the code, but then of course
I'd have to change it every time, etc.  I can't leave the postal code blank,
but I can't enter in a real postal code.

Second...anyone actually using an rwhois server with NorthStar?  That's one
of the main reasons I'm setting this up...pretty sure the rwhois server
addon on the main website is for the Postgres version, so I'd probably need
to recode rwhois to use MySQL.  Anyone have thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Rob Mitzel

Peer 1 Network