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Re: Error on v1.11

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On Wednesday 28 November 2001 14:41 pm, Troy Corbin wrote:
> hitesh-
> is there a possibility that a scan feature will be added? i would like to
> sacn a netblock, insert IPs that respond to a ping into the database, and
> go back later and update their info.
> is this a possibility?
> -troy

Great idea!!  I've got your ideas from the email on 11/20/2001 in my TODO 
file and most of those features are slated to come into 1.5.  Here is the 
current TODO file:

Scan feature to automatically ping and add addresses in a network (1.5 

.CSV import/export. It would make it extremely easy to migrate from
using an excel spreadsheet full of addresses to Northstar if i could just
import the .csv! (1.5 mod_import)

Ability to show % of address space allocated/used/unused/etc. Good for 
"manager-types" (???)

Ability to allow different user id's to make device entries within
certain subnets (ie a local tech for a certain city can maintain his
subnet data). Maybe even a feature that can be enabled/disabled to
generate an email when certain assignments are made? (1.5 mod_security)


The version number that the feature should appear in is in ()'s after the 
description of it.  Additionally the name of the module that the feature will 
need to be added to is also included.

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