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AW: NorthStar v1.1 Released

Hi Hitesh,

> I am happy to announce the release of version 1.1 of NorthStar.  This
> version includes the updates for use of DBI/DBD for database access, 
> nested device and location objects, search functions, bug fixes, and
> a whole bunch of code cleanup up thrown in just for good measure.

thanks for this nice thing !

> Check the webpage (http://www.brownkid.net/NorthStar/) for download
> links and an updated Development Roadmap.  As always if you have any
> problems send them to the list and hopefully the problem can be 
> found and fixed.

We have done a fresh setup and now there is a problem to add any new
network. Add Locations, Devices and Owner are working fine. On the Add
Network page we can select Owner and Device from the listbox. After send
the page, there are no errors but also no network insert in the
database. Is is possible to do some debug inside the cgi ?

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