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Re: bug

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On Monday 03 June 2002 02:55 pm, Adam \"Tauvix\" Debus wrote:
> Not sure about the first part, I'm also experiencing that problem in 1.65.
> Hitesh?
> But as for the second, I've been able to set up two copies running at the
> same time on the same server. Even working out of the same database. But
> this will only work with versions 1.6 and before. You can run a copy of
> 1.65 and 1.6 (or earlier) with no problems, but as the NorthStar code is
> being installed directly into the perl module tree as of 1.65 you will no
> longer be able to run 2 copies of 1.65 or later on the same server.

True, but you can get past this by keeping to different directories and adding 
something like...

sub BEGIN {
 push(@INC, "/path/to/other-installation/lib");

to the NorthStar.cgi file.. this is a hack but should work fine.

> For the most part, 1.6 to 1.65 is a simple upgrade. If you have a mysql
> database, though, you will need to recreate it, for the table structure
> changed slightly. The table structure change fixes the not unlinking
> network children bug.

I'm not sure if MySQL users will really have to do this.. the referential 
integrity rules that were causing problems were just ignored so the tables 
should be fine the way they are.

> Adam "Tauvix" Debus
> Network Administrator, ReachONE Internet
> adam@reachone.com
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> From: "Giaretta Gerardo" <Gerardo.Giaretta@TILAB.COM>
> To: <northstar-devel@brownkid.net>
> Sent: Monday, June 03, 2002 1:09 AM
> Subject: bug
> Hi!
> In 1.6 version I have this error:
> when i view a Network and I click the Location link of that network, it
> appers the first page (with 3 frames) in the lower frame.
> By the way, can I install version 1.65 in the same server I have 1.6
> without having  problem with this one? I mean: are there database
> problems having two different versions running together?
> This is because I must not have problems with 1.6 because other users
> are testing it...
> Or is it better if I'll wait 1.7?
> Thanks,
> Gerardo

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