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Re: Whois Server

Well, it's interesting, that's for sure :)

Couple of comments, all of which are going to reference this sample output
from my DB:

-- Begin Sample Output --

[root@noc contrib]# ./NS_Whois.pl
NorthStar Whois Server Version 1.0 (http://www.brownkid.net/NorthStar)
Server Adminstrator: nocservices@reachone.com

ReachONE Internet (NET-583)
   4550 3rd Ave SE, Suite 104
   Lacey, WA, 98503

   Netblock: ( -
   Maintainer: MAINT-2

   Block Status: Allocated
   Block Priority: 0
   Block Location: Lacey, WA
   Block Device: Router 1

   Record last updated on 00000000000000
   Record created on 20020430090139

This host contains ONLY Network Information maintened
in the NorthStar system by this organization.  Please
use the whois server at rs.internic.net for DOMAIN
related information.

-- End Output --

1) I love the fact that it puts the whole range next to the Netblock output.
That's something I wish rwhoisd did.

2) If you are going to have a Maintainer field, please make it part of the
standard template for Owners, that way we can specify it to be the one
assigned by ARIN, or one that we specify.

3) For the Block Static/Priority/Location/Device, make those configurable,
either though the NS system interface and stored in a configuration table,
or in the NorthStar.conf file. Personally, I have no desire to announce to
the world Device information :)

4) MySQL is aparently still showing the updated dates as 0s.

5) Perhaps have the script(and Northstar as well) parse the updated date
field into something more readable?

6) Part of the RWhois RFC states that when you type in an address, for
example it should come back with a list of all the results
under that block. Referencing ARINs output, for example, if you type in
216.177.242 (just as an example) it comes back with 1) our parent block, 2)
all the blocks assigned under the parent block. Until this Rwhois server
conforms to that, it makes it quite impossible for someone to use it as part
of the ARIN justification process.

Okay, that all said, I do love the implementation. It's great! And I will be
more then happy to help come up with solutions to any or all of it :)

Adam "Tauvix" Debus
Network Administrator, ReachONE Internet

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Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2002 11:57 AM
Subject: Whois Server

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> Afternoon everyone,
> I just committed the first version of the NorthStar Whois Server into the
> contrib directory under CVS.  It currently works by running under
> (which I prefer (http://cr.yp.to/uscpi-tcp/)) or inetd.  It is a perl
> that uses the API to get the information.
> Query formats that are supported are:
>  x.x.x.x/x (
>  x.x.x.x   (
>  NET-<id>
>  MAINT-<id>
> The last two will look up a specfic block/owner object.  The first to will
> look up a block given the CIDR block or the address
> Give it a try and let me know your results!!
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