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Re: about views

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On Wednesday 22 May 2002 11:24 am, Hays, Kelly wrote:
> >> May be Views could be useful in another way: suppose you have to modify
> >> your addressing plan; obviously you don't want to modify your original
> >> database because you're not so sure about which changes to do. So it
> >> could be useful to have the possibility to copy entire addressing plans
> >> with only one action.
> >> I have an addressing plan in View A; I'll copy it in View B and the I'll
> >> do the changes...something like a backup version!
> >> Any comment about that?
> >> Gerardo
> >
> >Good idea, I will add this to the TODO list.
> >
> >Not sure if it should be a seperate 'utility' script under the contrib
> >directory or in the main program.. comments?
> I can see were I might want to allow someone that does not have shell
> access to the box running Northstar.
> Kelly

Good point, however copying an entire view could take a while depending on the 
number of blocks involved.. and if it were to get interrupted because 
someones web browser crashed/timed-out/lost their internet connection it 
could cause problems... i'm going to go ahead a write a copy that can run 
from the command line and then will see about the best may to move that into 
the main interface.  The code will mostly be exactly the same so it shouldn't 
be to hard..

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