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two new possible features

Hi Hitesh, Hi Adam!
> Hi list! 
> Two simple ideas 
> 1) it could be nice that NorthStar gives to users some statistical
> results about its database. I guess: % of space assigned, aggregation
> degree (% /24 or /23 etc), % of user A's space etc... What do you
> think about that? May be using also HD Ratio (see RFC 3194)...I dont'
> think this is too hard-coding and I think users would be glad to get
> somestatistical analisys about their address...
> 2) [maybe more difficult and less interesting] may be simetimes it
> would be useful having the possibility to print in textual mode some
> database information. So a module that reads the information in the
> database and put them in a well formatted  text could be useful....
> Comments?
> Gerardo
> PS: I have really no time, but I'd really like get in the code and
> develop some contributions... The problem is I'm not a Perl expert
> developper.... May be in the future....hope near..;-)