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NorthStar API is DONE!!

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Morning everyone, 

After about 80 hours of work the NorthStar API is done and ready for full 
scale testing.  I just checked in the last changes and everyone should be 
able to grab the CVS version and start testing.  Most of the functions have 
been tested, however, I'm sure there are bugs hanging around due to the fact 
that so much code has been rewritten.

The API documentation will be up soon, however, if you want to delve right in 
just open up API.pm in your favorite editor and read the comments.  By 
default only the 'UTIL' functions are exported by default so if your going to 
try and use other functions you need to be sure to import the function calls 
into your symbol table ('use NorthStar::API qw(:TAG1 :TAG2').  For more info 
take a look at the top of API.pm.

If anyone has questions or problems please post to the list and we'll see what 
we can find.  Please be sure to look in your webserver error_log's and post 
any relevant information from that.

Have fun everyone

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