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Development status update

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Hi folks, just thought I would drop a quick note to let everyone know whats 
currently going on with development.  

The API is almost done.  All of the current work is checked into CVS and 
should be good for people to test out.  The items that remain to be migrated 
over are the Template and Regex functions.  Those should hopefully be done in 
a day or two.

Once the API is complete if will post the reference docs for it (the API.pm 
file is heavily commented for those who are impatient) and also publish the 
module specs.  

Doing all this major behind the scenes work has taken a little longer then 
expected and being in the middle of finals did not help either!!  Other then 
the API there have been a few small bugfixes here and there and most new 
features are waiting on me to complete the API code.  If anyone has feature 
requests now is the time to send them over or start working on them.  If you 
have already send a feature request send it again because my TODO file got 
trashed my pissed of Keebler Fudge Shoppe elves ;-)

That's it for now.. everybody get the CVS version and start testing out the 

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