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Re: Bug in 1.6 NortStar.postgresql.sql

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On Wednesday 17 April 2002 12:25 pm, Stephan Winter wrote:
> Installing version 1.6 with postgres:
> inserting of default network by the NortStar.postgresql.sql script
> failed because one '0' is missing in an insert line of the sql-script.

Fixed this in CVS a while ago.. i will double check

> Many thanks for this nice tool.
> I would like to add a kind of history feature for devices, in a way that
> you can add multiple pieces of text every time you make changes. Is
> someone doing such a work?

Actually.. it's already implemented.  To add a field like this (or change an 
existing one) go into the Template admin and find the field you want to 
change.  Click Edit next to the field and go down and set 'Update Mode' to 
APPEND.. thats it.. next time you edit any object using this template/field 
it will append the info instead of overwrite it.

> best wishes
> Stephan Winter

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