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NorthStar v1.6 Development Update

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the CVS tree is now in feature 
freeze for the 1.6 release.  The only thing that will be committed from now 
is bugfixes and critical fixes.  

If you would like to help test before the release of 1.6 just grab the CVS 
version and run the update_1.6.pl to update your database schema (both 
Postgres and MySQL databases are updated).  Please send any bug reports to 
the list.

Here is a fairly complete list of changes:
 - The addresses table no longer exists.  Addresses are now added as
   /32 networks.
 - Devices are no longer required to add a network
 - Devices can be linked to any combination of Location/Owner
   or can be set to 'Global' to add without a specific Location
   or Owner
 - The View select and Template select pages are bypassed
   if only one view/template exists.
 - Their is now a Range function for both Addresses and Netblocks.
   You can add a consecutive range of blocks with a specific mask
 - Net::IP is really gone now
 - When deleting a network you can now select whether you want
   to delete the block and all children or just move the children
   up the tree.
 - Block Priorities are now supported.  The Allocation Wizard
   uses these to help pick the best block.
 - Various bugfixes

The only items that remain are some small interface changes and doc updates.  
Version 1.6 should by all accounts be good for a solid release on 4/1/2002.

That's all for now.  Grab the CVS version and have at it!!

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