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Net::IP ?


I installed NorthStar (it was a bit of work to find out how to do stuff
not included in the manual) and I /thought/ it was now in no need of
the Net::IP Perl module.

I /was/ going to patch it myself but I don't have the time right now. So I
downloaded Net::IP, installed it OK, and now I still get the same error:

From Apache error log:
Can't locate object method "new" via package "Net::IP" at
/usr/NorthStar/lib/address.lib line 618.

Line 618 is marked > :

sub CheckAddrInNet {
        my($addr, $net) = @_;
>    my($ip) = new Net::IP($net, 4);
     my($first) = $ip->intip();
     my($last) = $ip->intip();

Clearly the call to the module is perhaps not working on my system. I get
this error when I try to add an address to a subnet which I have already
created successfully.

If I should be using the general mailing list instead, please let me know.
I know a bit of perl and would like to follow the dicussion, I may be able
to help out some time with docs and minor patches / HTML cleanups.

Note: my system: RH Linux 7.1, Perl 5.6.0, MySQL (latest as of today).


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